The Nonprofit


Mark P. Helfat, D.V.M. founded Veterinary Practice Transition in 2019.  Since graduating from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1977 he has devoted his life to his profession.  He owns the Larchmont Animal Hospital in Mt. Laurel, N.J. where he still works full time.  For most of his professional life he has devoted untold years to veterinary organizational volunteerism and leadership.  After 15 years of moving up the NJVMA Board of Directors to serving as its President, he enjoyed another 15 years serving the AVMA in the House of Delegates and on the AVMA Board of Directors, finishing up in 2017 as the AVMA Board Chair. 

By establishing this 501(c)3 it is Dr. Helfat’s intention to devote his own funding and creative energy towards facilitating the transfer of veterinary  practices from old to young—and preserving the dream of practice ownership.

Dr. Helfat is also the author of The Happy Veterinarian, a self-help guide for veterinarians of all ages. 
Finally, it must be mentioned that the Helfat household is home to many pets, including their most cherished beagles—the most famous being Shilo who is memorialized in sculpture on the veterinary campus at Virginia Tech University.