Additional Info

Contact NameJacqueline S Stewart
Contact Phone13033781181
Asking Price100000
Yearly Practice Income100000
Practice Location RegionMountain
Real estate - will it be for sale or lease?For sale
Number of Staff1
History of the Practice

Jacqueline Stewart DVM (Dr. Jackie) started Parker Mobile Dog and Cat Service (PMDCS) in April 1988 while still working at a local veterinary clinic. Lucky for Dr. Jackie, the vet she worked for allowed her the freedom to start her own practice while still having the security of a paycheck. As she grew the practice, she gradually decreased her hours at the veterinary clinic. She designed the practice to be one where she ran the business, the business didn't run her, and she was able to have a LIFE. She built a surgery room in the basement of her rural home and hired an assistant to run anesthesia and assist in surgery one day a week. At that time, she provided housecall service 4 days a week. Over the years, she has decreased housecalls to 2 days a week and sees patients at her home 2 days a week. Originally, she had hoped to have a child that she could take with her on housecalls, not to be raised by day care. Although "word of mouth" from happy folks and their fur babies has been her primary tool for growing the practice, in anticipation of her retirement, Dr. Jackie stopped taking new clients around January of 2020.

What makes this practice special/Major selling points

Parker Mobile Dog and Cat Service is in Elbert County, Colorado and serves clients in Douglas and Elbert Counties and the southern and eastern Denver metropolitan area. This is a growing and thriving area with great potential for mobile veterinary services. Dr. Jackie's home is in a rural area east of Parker, Colorado which has the advantages of being out in the country yet close enough to the conveniences of the city. The view of the mountains is spectacular! For many years Dr. Jackie took Wednesdays off to go skiing. It is not far to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Many clients have used Dr. Jackie's services for decades, some for generations. It is not uncommon for Dr. Jackie to stop in for a recheck on an animal or deliver medication when in the area.
Dr. Jackie has a collaborative working relationship with several local veterinary practices in the area; she often refers patients to local vets for X-Rays or more detailed workups. Parker also has a veterinary Emergency and Specialty center open 24/7. PMDCS is a golden opportunity for a Veterinarian looking for independence and autonomy, someone who wants to own their own practice rather than work for someone else. It has been a thriving practice for almost 35 years. The area is beautiful. The clientele are generally very nice people. Clients have been fiercely loyal and appreciative of her reasonable pricing. Over the years, Dr. Jackie found in many cases, instinct and experience were her effective diagnostic tools. She chose to limit her investments in expensive diagnostic equipment and opted instead to add alternative medicine to the practice by studying Acupuncture and Chiropractic care. She has provided personalized service and low stress for pets and their people. The practice has a lot of growth potential.

What might the next owner need to improve in this practice?

* In the absence of a mobile X-Ray machine or ultrasound, Dr. Jackie refers patients for imaging and sometimes bloodwork. She can do bloodwork on tractable animals but often with cats and small dogs, she refers to local clinics that have skilled restraint artists. There are blood analyzers and imaging methods that could be taken on the road so diagnostic capabilities could be improved.
* The computer system is Cornerstone from IDEXX. This could be changed if preferred.
* Dr. Jackie has preferred to be a "one woman band". A technician, assistant, or office manager would be great assets but all come with increased complexities for the practice.
* Adding exotic animal or large animal care would grow the practice.
* She is old fashioned and has not developed a social media presence.