Additional Info

Contact NameLawrence Paul Kovac
Contact Phone8166162349
Asking Price400000
Yearly Practice Revenue450000
Practice Location RegionMidwest
Real estate - will it be for sale or lease?For sale
Number of Staff1
Practice Website
History of the Practice

Full service, customized mobile clinic started in 1987, serving the Northland area of Kansas City. I and the clinic have good relations with many of the stationary clinics in the area. These clinic refer to NMVC when their clients can not get a pet to them and I refer to these clinic when I need to refer or can not do a given procedure in the mobile clinic. We have grown during the COVID situation to where I am have to refer 3 to 6 people daily. My goal is to sell half the practice to the right colleague and get a second clinic up and running. This will grow the practice to a true 2 veterinarian clinic. Then I desire to bring in a 3rd colleague to buy the rest of the clinic which would allow me to bow out and cover the new owners time off. The area I practice is typically in the Northland area of Kansas City, Mo. My clients generally are wonderful and run from the poorest of poor to multi-millionaires. I get to see where the pet lives and how they interact with the home environment. I have been Blessed to grow this practice from the ground up, making on paper $35.00 the first year to a very much above average income for our profession in 2022. The practice has been evaluated by Simmons Midwest and I will discuss the findings to the right person.

What makes this practice special/Major selling points

The right person will be gaining a practice that has a good reputation among the present owners colleagues, with a daily source of referrals. I am referring 3 to six people a day and the right colleague would gain those referral immediately instead of having to refer to a stationary clinic which often has to re-refer because they are overbooked. A mobile clinic house call practice allows the clinician to practice at the level they choose. I have changed my practice through the years due to the growth. I do not do the hospitalization I used to or many of the surgeries I used to do, referring them instead to the stationary clinics because the general medicine out patient portion of the practice is keeping so busy. The new colleague could choose his level of medicine and surgery. Many clients are elderly and appreciate the service of being mobile. A major part of the clinic services is at home euthanasia. My colleagues refer to me first before the national home euthanasia companies. I have many clients that move from the coasts and they are more than happy with Kansas City. The area I practice in is safe in general, schools are excellent. The local veterinary association supports us well and the monthly meetings allow for good continuing education so you can avoid the national meeting. Kansas City also hosts a national meeting each August.

What might the next owner need to improve in this practice?

In that I try to practice the best medicine and know when I need to refer I do not know what needs to be improved. Caring for the client and pet, before money is important. My belief is good service, caring and love of what you do will reward you financially in the long run. The right colleague will need to have a strong work and service ethic.