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Contact NameDavid R. Hale
Contact Phone8505702853
Asking Price470000
Yearly Practice Revenue740000
Practice Location RegionSoutheast
Real estate - will it be for sale or lease?For lease
Number of Staff12
Number of Associates1
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History of the Practice

Cross Creek Animal Clinic was started 1987 by my former partner. it became a Sub-S corporation around 1990. I bought into the practice in September, 1988. I became sole owner in 1995. The practice has supported two veterinarians when operated full-time. I decided to go it alone in 2010, when Tallahassee experienced , not only the Great Recession, but then had its own Governor Rick Scott-inflicted recession. The practice continued with reduced staffing through these periods, and then through a couple of personal illnesses during 2013 and 2016. Relief vets kept the doors open and the bills paid during these periods. I have experienced generally good health in between times and after, continuing into the present. This practice area has benefitted from a 24/7 emergency service operated by a board-certified Emergency vet and also from having board-certified internists, surgeons, and regular visits from a board-certified veterinary dermatologist and ophthalmologist. All this availability of specialized care has made it possible for aging vets, such as myself, to continue their careers as long as they wish. That is the case with me. The practice continues to enjoy a good revenue stream with a 30-35 hr/wk (veterinarian hours, of which I work about 24-28), with no weekend or emergency call for the last 6 or 7 years or so. More work is there for any who want it (e.g. a younger vet). The practice is quite busy, even having opted out of doing spays and neuters, and being forced to limit surgeries to dermatologic and dental conditions. The demand is there, the clientele are understanding and grateful for having a competent, personal, caring vet for their beloved pets.
Regarding the community, Tallahassee is a vibrant, picturesque community being the home of Florida's government and the home to three major 4-year colleges and universities. This area is quite pet-oriented and most households that have pets, have multiple pets. The community at large has supported many vet practices for decades and continues to grow.

What makes this practice special/Major selling points

Long- established in a good location just off of a major east-west parkway leading to downtown Tallahassee. Well-equipped, 1950 sq feet, great parking, visible, attractive and fully functional. Demand for services is high, from a broad range of willing clientele, most of whom are within a 2 mile radius. There is currently only one other practice in the practice area, and they mostly serve an area not located between us and themselves. Tallahassee is uniquely situated between coast and mountains, with major metropolitan areas and attractions within 4-4.5 hrs driving time. The area is known for its beauty and quality of life.
An additional feature is that because of the universities, there are an abundance of young, energetic potential employees who are quick studies and highly-teachable. Many are seriously interested in becoming vets.
My particular practice does pro bono work for a local zoo where FSU students intern and also for a local wildlife rehabbing establishment where many young people/students volunteer. Both of these organizations have turned out to be great sources of many excellent clinic employees for decades!
The practice has good equipment and the space is functional and the client side is attractive.
Clearly a younger more energetic vet (or two), could greatly expand hours and surgical services. On the other hand a vet in their fifties could find a level and type of practice offerings , more than what I am doing now, and taper off as they may see fit.
The clinic, itself, is easily accessible with great parking.

What might the next owner need to improve in this practice?

The offerings of service could be expanded to suit their taste, beyond the "nuts and bolts" level of practice that I am happy doing as I approach retirement. Of course remodeling to suit their own tastes would be possible if they elect to purchase the real estate.