Additional Info

Contact NameAmanda Pike
Contact Phone6086221963
Asking Price275000
Yearly Practice Income190000
Practice Location RegionMidwest
Real estate - will it be for sale or lease?For sale
Number of Staff2
Practice Website
History of the Practice

Established in 2011, Comforts of Home has grown to be one of Madison's dedicated in-home veterinary housecall services for companion animals. Our goal is to provide science-based healthcare, tailored to each individual patient, prioritizing their quality of life. We emphasize wellness and primary care services, and also provide euthanasia and medical services that do not require anesthesia and/or radiography. Current patients are primarily cats and dogs with a few exotics – birds, bunnies.

What makes this practice special/Major selling points

Comforts of Home has a dedicated client base and an established waitlist of clients seeking in-home veterinary care for their furry family members. Our compact Ford Transit Connect van is customized with drawers, shelving and a mini-lab station, allowing you to perform same-visit bedside services and medication dispensing.
What you’ll love: running your own successful veterinary care business without having to buy a brick-and-mortar clinic (expensive!), reduced patient stress by providing one-on-one patient care with a personal touch in the patient’s own home, having regular variety in your workday (from annuals to medicals of all types except imaging and anesthesia), a flexible workday and workweek schedule (we currently operate 32 hrs/wk: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday -- 8 hours each day) with 1 vet and an assistant), the option for lunches and potty breaks at your own home, a proven profitable business you can afford but don’t have to start from scratch, mentorship from both the current doctor and admin assistant if you would find it helpful, being able to run errands ‘on the clock’, and so much more!
We want this to be a good fit for you and our clients. To ensure a good transition, the current assistant and vet are intending on training you and your staff, and are willing to negotiate ongoing support/staffing post-purchase. We’re flexible on details so please reach out if you’re curious about this opportunity.

What might the next owner need to improve in this practice?

While very few of our clients use our website, an update could potentially benefit the business. We cannot currently offer anesthesthetic surgery services, imaging or automated on-site CBC/chem panels (we use IDEXX or ZNLabs). Additional staff would allow for further patient treatment opportunities.