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Contact NameRandall N. Ross, VMD
Contact Phone802-349-8600
Asking Price226000
Yearly Practice Revenue300000
Practice Location RegionNortheast
Real estate - will it be for sale or lease?For sale
Number of Staff3
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History of the Practice

The Champlain Valley Small Animal Mobile Clinic (CVSAMC) began in October 2001 serving small animals in the central western region of Vermont. Randall N. Ross VMD began his mobile veterinary career in 1989 as a sole proprietor of the "Small Animal Mobile Clinic", Vermont's first mobile veterinary clinic for small animals. Although large animal mobile veterinary medicine was well-established and respected in Vermont and in the field of veterinary medicine, the idea of providing comprehensive veterinary care to companion animals at their home was largely unexplored and misunderstood. Dr. Ross recognized the benefits of a mobile clinic for companion animals including early detection and treatment of disease, convenience for the pet owner, and the comfort and low stress home environment for the animal. Dr. Ross's perseverance and determination in building his individual practice and promoting the field of small animal mobile veterinary medicine blossomed into today’s most technically advanced and well-respected mobile veterinary practice in Vermont.

What makes this practice special/Major selling points

CVSAMC is turn-key, affordable, technologically advanced, and requires no brick and mortar facility.
Randall Ross, VMD utilizes cutting edge technological advances including a secure paperless record system for patient charts, billing, accounting, and scheduling. The system has syncing capability so that information is shared between the main office, the mobile vehicle, and the remote office in real time.

The mobile vehicle is a Pro Master van customized with a field laboratory for onsite diagnostics including SCIL ABC+ (cbc-differential), ABAXIS VS2 (chemistry), ABAXIS PRO (aPTT, PTT), VETSCAN (canine pancreatic lipase, Flex 4), ABAXIS ECG telemedicine, UA analyzer, Tonopen, microscope, centrifuge, and refrigerator for vaccines and laboratory specimens.

At the animal’s home and with just a few drops of blood, the Veterinarian can evaluate a complete blood count of white blood cells and red blood cells, check blood chemistries to rule out liver, kidney, thyroid, or other metabolic diseases. CVSAMC is one of the few clinics capable of immediate coagulation profile results critical for the treatment of suspected rodenticide exposure. Just think, what used to take days, now just takes minutes.

The mobile vehicle also includes a full pharmacy so that medications and treatments can be prescribed and dispensed on site.

The current staff includes Dr. Ross, a Veterinary Technician, and a Veterinary receptionist. CVSAMC prides itself on top quality customer service by “going the extra mile” for patients. All calls are answered by the Veterinary Receptionist, not a machine, during working hours. The practice uses an answering service after hours so that clients will always reach a “real” person.

Save spots are embedded into the schedule to ensure that animals who need urgent care are seen the same day. Follow-up calls post visit are routine at CVSAMC to ensure the health and well-being of the animal and to determine if prescribed medication and treatments are working effectively. It is not uncommon for Dr. Ross to make an unscheduled visit to check on an animal or to deliver medication when seeing other patients within the same vicinity. Owner-friendly protocols for home euthanasia are strictly followed to ensure that families have respectful and memorable last moments with their pet.

CVSAMC has friendly and respectful relationships with the local veterinary hospitals and referrals are made for surgeries and advanced diagnostics. Vermont also has an emergency veterinary service for weekend, holiday, and after hour emergencies.

The Champlain Valley Small Animal Mobile clinic is in Vermont’s Addison County and serves thousands of clients in the picturesque central western region of Vermont. Many clients have been clients of Dr. Ross for decades. On a typical day, CVSAMC cares for animals living high up in the Green Mountains, in the rich farmland of the Champlain Valley, and along the shores of Lake Champlain all within view of the peaks of the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

CVSAMC is golden opportunity for an adventurous, forward-thinking Veterinarian looking for independence and autonomy and the means to continue a long tradition of veterinarian-owned medical practice. Small animal mobile veterinary medicine provides the practitioner with advanced field medical capabilities, pet owners with a small town, non-corporate experience, and top-quality care for small animals in the low-stress and comfort of the home environment.

This practice has exponential growth potential. Currently booking six weeks out for routine appointments.

What might the next owner need to improve in this practice?

Could easily expand to additional mobile vehicles and practitioners. Ultrasound could be added to the diagnostic options for a small animal mobile practice. Requires routine upkeep of the mobile vehicle and maintenance of laboratory equipment.