Additional Info

Contact NamePatricia Gawley, DVM or Norman Arnett
Contact Phone4258946568
Asking Price300000
Yearly Practice Revenue900000.00
Practice Location RegionNortheast
Real estate - will it be for sale or lease?For lease
Number of Staff10
Practice Website
History of the Practice

Practice established 1993, Dr. Gawley purchased the practice in 1996. Practice has been at the same location since it first opened and has a large and loyal client base. We practice expanded physically seven years ago, allowing us to add two more exam rooms and a "quiet" treatment room. This also allowed expansion of the reception/waiting area and added additional storage area, and a dedicated x-ray room. The Clinic recently upgraded to a digital x-ray system. A large lodging area is well utilized by clients for their cats while on vacation. In recent years a portable dental machine was added, as well as a MedRX digital Otolaryingeal machine. Located in a strip mall in a growing suburban area northeast of Seattle, we pride ourselves on exceptional care, and our large loyal clientele is a testament to that care. We currently employ two fill-time and two part-time Veterinary assistants as well as two kennel attendants. The Vet assistants are long-term employees, one of whom has been with Dr. Gawley for twenty years.

What makes this practice special/Major selling points

Long history at one location, with a reputation for results and caring service to our clients and their feline family members.