Additional Info

Contact NameBill Dewar
Contact Phone207-904-9673
Asking Price200000
Yearly Practice Revenue489000
Practice Location RegionNortheast
Real estate - will it be for sale or lease?For sale
Number of Staff3
History of the Practice

Was a satellite clinic 3 mornings a week when I purchased it in 1997. Gross has tripled in the time since then, even though I have decreased hours from my initial 6 days a week and full on call to 4 days a week and no on call. Calais is a small town of about 3000 right across the river from St Stephen in Canada. We are just north of the 45th parallel(about the same as the little finger in Michigan. Not nearly as far north as it looks on the usual map projection). Our clientele consists of both U.S and Canadian citizens often coming as far away as an hours drive.

What makes this practice special/Major selling points

Being a small town, many of the usual big city perks are missing. But so is the traffic, noise, crowding, etc. that comes with it. Outdoor recreational activities abound. We moved here specifically to get away from too many people, to be in a place where we could enjoy the outdoors whenever we wanted. A wildlife refuge is just outside the city. Baxter State Park and Acadia National park are each a couple of hours away. The Appalachian Trail runs through the state and ends on Mount Katahdin. Miles and miles of atv/snowmobile trails exist if that is something you like.
There are lots of musicians in the area. Eastport has an arts center for local theater/ music and outside acts.
We have plenty of clients and as a rule they are a friendly bunch. Approximately 30-40 % are from Canada(that is until Covid).
We have continued to be very busy even without these clients--and many, if not all plan to return once the border reopens(based on call and facebook posts/messages). So expanding hours would be very feasible if desired. Personally, I like the four day work week. Perhaps a married couple would be ideal to split the hours and possibly expand to doing larger animals(there is a need for that service).

What might the next owner need to improve in this practice?

The building can be bought outright or leased depending on your preference. Some repairs are needed and could be deducted from the cost of the building. My idea is to make the cost of the building fairly low. There are two apartments above the clinic, both presently rented(one to my head tech). The attic could be converted to another one, probably(original owner was considering doing that before I bought it).
My son has created a plan to modify the inside, adding an exam room and making everything flow a bit better. That would be available if anyone was interested.
The price is definitely negotiable, both the practice and the building(if buying the real estate is desired). I would like to keep a practice going in this area; there is a definite need for veterinary services.