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Contact Nameelizabeth w penton
Contact Phone9855160486
Asking Price250000.00
Yearly Practice Revenue739533.00
Practice Location RegionSoutheast
Real estate - will it be for sale or lease?For sale
Number of Staff6
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History of the Practice

Started in 1965. Purchased in 1991 from original owner. Purchased by me in 1994. When I bought it in 1994 it was grossing $100000. Over the last 27 years it has continued to grow and evolve into a practice grossing over $725,000. last year. The clientele range from the very wealthy to the fixed income elderly. The community is very welcoming and love their companion animals.

There is a need in this area for this practice to continue to serve the people of the area and their pets. This is the only reason I have not just shut the doors and walked away. Stopping emergency services after hours has helped me a lot and the injured or sick pets are better served at a full service 24 hour care facility that is just 45 minutes away.

I honestly hope for someone with ambition, energy and the desire to succeed to walk in and take over. I am willing to stay on a few days a week if required to, to help with the transition. This business has been very profitable and would continue to be so if someone would just take chance to be their own boss and buy this place for the incredibly low price I am asking for.

What makes this practice special/Major selling points

Over the last 27 years I and my staff have accomplished major education in the community regarding the care and prevention of disease in the pet population here. We continue this mission through social media and word of mouth. The staff are the best and they share my values when it comes to education of disease prevention and basic husbandry of the client's pet population. We provide excellent patient care and have all the diagnostic tools at our finger tips. We see emergency cases during office hours only. After hour cases are referred to an ER 45 minutes away.
If a veterinarian wished to also see equine and/or food animal cases, they could. There is only 1 other veterinarian who sees food animals and horses when he is not covering the small animal aspect of his clinic. There are only 3 veterinary clinics in the whole of Washington Parish. My clinic draws from neighboring St. Tammany Parish as well as from Mississippi, which we border.
This practice has busy times as well as slow periods, as is common everywhere. I have learned to use those slow periods for staff training or sometimes simply doing something other than vet med, with staff being able to call me in if needed. When we are busy, we are extremely busy.
The area provides opportunities for the sportsman or woman and their family. Hunting, fishing, or just outdoor recreation can be a step away.
I would love to turn this place over to someone who would succeed as I have financially, as the sky is the limit. There are no loans or outstanding debt on anything except the new phone system. New phone system equipment was purchased 2 years ago. The multi line system with call waiting and other options has about 3 more years of monthly payments.

Living in Washington Parish is not mandatory. St. Tammany Parish is close enough to the city of Bogalusa that one could reside in the outskirts of Covington, La (in St. Tammany Parish). The villages of Sun and Bush are within 20 minutes of my clinic yet are located in St. Tammany Parish and thereby allow any children to attend the schools of St. Tammany Parish.

What might the next owner need to improve in this practice?

The building, appliances, etc are all kept up and maintained regularly.