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ripples are probably the rhythm that new musicians don't understand best. The hardest part is that people who are just starting to play an instrument often think they understand it when they don't. Even if you think you already know what triplets are, you should go through this lesson.

A triplet is not just any group of three notes. Students are often confused because they think that three notes that are played closely or written together are triplets. This is not always true. A triplet is not a group of notes, but a certain rhythm.

What is a triple note?

A triplet is a rhythm that plays three notes in the time it takes to play two. That is, three notes that are evenly spaced between two notes with the same rhythmic value. The most typical example is the 8th note triplet. The triple eighth note rhythm consists of three notes played every two eighth notes. You may find it easy to think of the triplet of eighth notes as three notes that divide a quarter note into three parts, since one quarter note is equal to two eighth notes.

There are other sets of three. The quarter triplet is the next most common. Quarter triplets are three notes that go between two quarter notes (just like a half note).

Crotchet (quarter note triplets)

A musical note whose head is filled with black so that it appears as a minimum (Half-note). This cuts the length of the pitch in half, making the crotch equal to one stroke or half the length of the minimum.

Minimum (half-note triplets)

Unlike the semibreve, it has a line coming from its note head to the right. We refer to this section as the trunk. The minim is worth two hits because of the stem. This means that the minim is only half as long as the semibreve because we only count to two when playing it.

Quaver (triplet of eighth notes)-

Similar to crochet, but with a tail that comes from the stem on the other side. A flag or hook are other names for the end of a note. Trending songs in Nigeria The crotch is twice as long as the quadruped. Therefore, it has the same value as crochet.

Semiquaver (triplets of sixteenths)

It resembles a quaver, but instead of one, it has two tails sprouting from the stem. That is, it is worth a quarter of a beat, which is half the value of a quaver.

How to count triplets

Now that we know what a triplet is, let's see how to find out how many measures it has. The length of a triplet is equal to the length of two individual notes.

In a triplet, if the values ​​of all three notes are the same, we pick two of them and add them to get the final result.

Crotchet (Quarter Note Triplet)

If we want to know how many measures the crochet triplet below has, we take two of the notes and add them.

Two crotch times or minimum beat equals one crotch plus one. So a quarter triplet is the same as two beats in the crotch.

Minimum (half-note triplets)

The same is true for all other triads, such as the minor triad (half note), in which two notes are added together. In other words, a semibreve beat is two min beats plus a min beat.