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Veterinary Practice Today

By Mark Helfat, DVM. Recent articles in veterinary trade magazines and JAVMA  illustrate the changing landscape of veterinary medicine today.  The smaller and independent veterinary practice which has dominated our profession for years is now challenged by the new entry of corporate ownership and its ‘mega’ facility.   While there is a place for both models, it is apparent that the independent practitioner has his/her work cut out when it is time to retire and hopefully pass it on.  “Who will buy my practice?” and “How do I sell my practice?” are now common refrains.  There must be thousands of practitioners, representing every corner of veterinary medicine, who will someday find themselves in this dilemma. Similarly,   it was once the goal of every graduate to someday own a practice.  Sadly, the economic debt, the ‘super-sizing’ of our practices, and the changes in lifestyle preferences now work against this dream of practice ownership and the inherent joy and fulfillmen…
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